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Real Account

A casino account on which you play for, and win, real money. 


A wheel inside a slot machine window on which the slot machine symbols are printed. There are usually three or five per machine.


To register is to opt-in or sign-up for a tournament, promotion or bonus. 


Roulette is a game of chance and consists of a Roulette wheel and table. The Roulette wheel has numbered pockets ranging from 00 to 36. The outcome of a game of Roulette is determined by where the ball stops on the wheel. Once the bets are placed on the table, a small ball is released on to the spinning wheel, in the opposite direction to the spin. The ball stops in one of the numbered pockets of the Roulette wheel.

Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale is just like traditional Roulette but in addition it incorporates a progressive jackpot.

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