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To wager is to bet or to gamble.

Wagering Requirements

When we send you bonuses or prizes you will need to meet certain wagering requirements before you can convert the casino credits to cash (withdraw or cash-in) . 

The wagering requirements you need to meet vary according to the type of bonus you receive. Unless stated otherwise, before you can cash-in your bonus amount, you will need to wager the deposit or bonus amount at least:

Sign-up bonuses: 20 times on free money sign up offers, 15 times on purchase match bonuses.
10 times for all other bonuses (unless stated otherwise)

If you choose to cash -in your winnings or your deposit amount before you have met the wagering requirements associated with any bonuses that you have received, these bonus amounts will be removed from your account balance before the money is transferred to you.

A few rules to remember:

We start counting your wagering from the moment the promotion bonus is added to your account. 
Wagering on Roulette and Craps do not count towards your wagering requirements (please refer to the rules on sign up bonuses for further details*)
If you are offered more than one bonus, you will need to meet the wagering requirements of the first bonus before you can start meeting the wagering requirements of the next bonus. 
If you would prefer for us to reverse your bonus, so that you are not bound by the wagering requirements, please contact our support team who can help you with this. 
If you reach a $0 balance during the course of meeting your wagering requirements, these wagering requirements become null and void, in other words the wagering requirements will not carry over to the next bonus you receive. This will not apply to a $0 balance achieved via a funds transfer or Cash-in.
*Wagering rules for Sign Up Bonuses: 
Only 20% of the total wagering amount can be wagered on Blackjack on opening offers.
Wagering on Jacks or Better Power Poker, Jacks or Better Video Poker, Jacks or Better 10 Play Power Poker, Baccarat, Craps, Roulette or Sic Bo do not count towards your wagering requirements for sign up offers. 
Wild Symbols 

In Slot Games, when a Wild Symbol lines up on the payline it substitutes for any other symbol. For example, if you line up two 7s on the payline with a Wild Symbol it is the same as three 7s. Some Wild Symbols may also double or triple the payout, or even more.

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